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ASCE Sustainable Development Initiatives are focused on a commitment to sustainability and infrastructure initiatives supporting technical resources, specialty conferences, publications, and more.   The Sustainability and Infrastructure Fund was established to help secure a sustainable future in which society has the capacity and opportunity to maintain and improve its quality of life, without degrading the quantity, quality, or the availability of natural, economic, and social resources. 

The Sustainable Development Initiatives Fund was established in 2019 to offer greater impact from the philanthropic support organizations and corporations provide for ASCE sustainability initiatives. The fund’s first campaign was held in conjunction with ASCE’s 2019 International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure (ICSI) and raised more than $176,000 for sustainability initiatives.  Since its inception, the fund has supported and continues to support the work of ASCE’s Committee on Sustainability, ASCE’s Standard Requirements For Sustainable Infrastructure, ASCE’s report on Sustainable Procurement, selected International Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure activities, and ASCE’s 2021 Report Card for America's Infrastructure. This fund has now joined several other previous funds under the new Sustainability and Infrastructure Fund to increase the impact of your donations to these critical programs. 

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