Institute Giving

  • The ASCE Foundation provides support to ASCE Institute’s initiatives bringing awareness and investment in the future of the profession. With your support, the funds below will continue to educate professionals and scholarship students, groundwater hydrologists and engineers will continue to improve best practices, and managing construction engineers will be able to seek out new talent. Please read below to learn more about these program initiatives through an ASCE Institute.

    SEI Shield LogoStructural Engineering Institute - SEI Futures Fund 

    Structural engineers of all ages benefit from the SEI Futures Fund strategic initiatives including: scholarships for young professionals to participate at Structures Congress; the SEI Student Structural Engineering Competition; growing SEI’s global presence; and efforts to ensure high-quality structural engineering continuing education.

    These opportunities are possible because of charitable gifts from donors! Your support now will reach well beyond today’s needs. The SEI Futures Fund will fund many strategic initiatives in the Vision for the Future of Structural Engineering. Your gift is needed to transform the profession and ensure its vibrant future.  

    EWRI Shield LogoEnvironmental & Water Resources Institute - Pioneers in Groundwater Award

    Your help is needed to keep cutting-edge groundwater science in the forefront of civil engineering. Your gift will assist us in endowing the Pioneers in Groundwater Award, which will increase the visibility of the Groundwater Symposia, the EWRI Groundwater Council, and the important work the Groundwater Council seeks to accomplish every year.

    Groundwater has dramatic implications for engineers and the communities they serve. Help us bring visibility to those in groundwater science! Your gift today will help us endow the award, and establish this prestigious recognition of perpetuity. 

    CI Shield LogoConstruction Institute - CI Student Days

    Give students the opportunity to learn from construction engineering professionals and organizations by providing a philanthropic gift to CI Student Days. Your gift gives students a platform to gain practical experience, and allows potential employers to recruit from this leading pool of engineering candidates.

    Your generous contribution will enable the program to continue its commitment to bring top engineering and construction management students from across the country together with potential employers who are seeking new talent.  Your gift now will continue this amazing program.

    AEI Shield LogoAEI Student Design Competition

    Support the brightest Architectural Engineering students from leading academic institutions as they compete in the the AEI Student Design Competition. Established in 2010 as an annual event, the competition was created for architectural engineering programs to highlight and showcase the value of collaboration, competition, and peer review, all of which are important in the development of designs in the professional world.

    Sponsors and donors support the brightest Architectural Engineering students from leading academic institutions gain practical experience through competition. Your gift now will help continue this remarkable program

  • Meet SEI Futures Fund Donor Silky Wong

    Silky Wong, S.E., P.E. Headshot

    SEI Futures Fund donor, Silky Wong, S.E., P.E., uses her and her organization's annual matching contributions to give back to her community. And as a member of the Legacy Society, Silky is investing in the future of the structural engineering profession by leaving a planned gift.