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Investing in Engineering for Resilient Waterfronts

For Organizations

COPRI serves as a multidisciplinary and international leader in improving knowledge, education, development and the practice of civil engineering and other disciplines in the sustainable management of coastal, ocean, port, waterways, riverine and wetlands resources for the benefit of society.

The COPRI Research Fund, administered through the ASCE Foundation, was established to invest in research and development activities to advance the practice of civil engineering in the coasts, oceans, ports and rivers.

Individual donations to the COPRI Research Fund support projects that -   

  • directly contribute to advancing quality data and content of COPRI standards and manuals of practice; and
  • identify and develop industry-driven research concepts and objectives for new COPRI standards and manuals of practice.
  • improved strain limits for seismic loading of waterfront structures supported on steel pipe piles;
  • improved vessel loading data for design of port structures; and,
  • design for climate-resilient waterfront structures and communities.

Show your organization’s leadership within the civil engineering profession and give generously to the COPRI Research Fund. Your contribution, combined with those of other industry leaders, will create robust financial support to address pressing need for design standards for resilient waterfront infrastructure and further COPRI’s efforts in technology and information transfer through manuals, standards, training, and outreach.

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