Engineering Programs

Your gifts support advancing the profession through engineering programs to engage ASCE members and their communities. Through these efforts, ASCE members are able to advocate for change locally and globally, support young professionals, and reimagine the relationship of infrastructure and society.

Future World Vision Initiative

Understanding the drivers of change is critical in our era of accelerating change. The Future World Vision initiative is working to foster the future-oriented innovative approach needed to position civil engineers to develop the communities of the future.

Your support will help civil engineers around the world reimagine what is possible.

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Sustainable Development Initiatives Fund

ASCE Sustainability programs provide technical resources, specialty conferences, publications, and more to ensure a sustainable future in which human society has the capacity and opportunity to maintain and improve its quality of life indefinitely, without degrading the quantity, quality or the availability of natural, economic and social resources.

Your generous support of ASCE Sustainable Development Initiatives provides vital funding for these programs. 

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Report Card for America’s Infrastructure

Infrastructure is the backbone of our nation’s economy, and we, civil engineers, are the backbone of infrastructure. Our infrastructure needs work, needs a higher priority, needs your help, and needs it now!

Every four years, with Foundation funding, the ASCE partners with members of the community to develop the Report Card on America’s Infrastructure. The 2021 Report Card for America's Infrastructure was just released assigning America a C- based on the physical condition and needed investments for improvement.

Your support, with a gift to the ASCE Foundation, will help build effective leaders—heroes of innovation, sustainability, and safety, helping to close the infrastructure gap and push the profession forward.

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SEI Futures Fund

The SEI Futures Fund will fund many strategic initiatives in the Vision for the Future of Structural Engineering. Your gift is needed to transform the profession and ensure its vibrant future. For 2022, the SEI Futures Fund Board has committed more than $250,000 in funding for these strategic SEI programs.

Your gift impacts strategic initiatives established by the SEI Futures Fund Board:

  • Invest in the future of the structural engineering profession
  • Promote student interest in structural engineering
  • Support younger-member involvement in SEI
  • Provide opportunities for professional development

These opportunities are possible because of charitable gifts from donors! Your support now will reach well beyond today’s needs.

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Environmental & Water Resources Institute Pioneers in Groundwater Award

Your help is needed to keep cutting-edge groundwater science in the forefront of civil engineering. Your gift will assist us in endowing the Pioneers in Groundwater Award, which will increase the visibility of the Groundwater Symposia, the EWRI Groundwater Council, and the important work the Groundwater Council seeks to accomplish every year.

Groundwater has dramatic implications for engineers and the communities they serve. Help us bring visibility to those in groundwater science! Your gift today will help us endow the award, and establish this prestigious recognition of perpetuity. 

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Disaster Response Fund

Funding for the Disaster Response Fund supports the work of the ASCE Committee on Disaster Response and Recovery. Their charge is to address the disaster response and recovery phases for designing resilient infrastructure. Publications produced by this committee highlight the lessons learned from disasters and recovery, and help engineers build more resilient infrastructure. 

Donate to the Disaster Response Fund

EWRI Urban Water Resources Research Council Founders’ Award

The Urban Water Resources Research Council Founders’ Award (UWRRCF) award was established to honor individuals for notable contributions that have served to advance engineering and science in the field of urban water resources research and to honor the Founders of EWRI's Urban Water Resources Research Council, pioneers in the fields of urban water management and stormwater research.

Donate to the UWRRCF Award

COPRI Research Fund

The COPRI Research Fund invests in research and development activities of the Coasts, Oceans, Ports and Rivers Institute to advance the practice of civil engineering in the coasts, oceans, ports and rivers. Contributions made to the COPRI Research Fund support projects that directly contribute to advancing quality data and content of COPRI standards & practices and develop industry-driven research concepts for new COPRI standards and manuals of practice.

Your gift impacts the following research needs identified by COPRI committees:

  • improved strain limits for seismic loading of waterfront structures supported on steel pipe piles;
  • improved vessel loading data for design of port structures; and,
  • design for climate-resilient waterfront structures and communities.

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