Sustainers Circle

2020 Sustainers Circle

Sustainers Circle members give monthly gifts, providing a dependable funding source and reducing fundraising costs so more of their contribution goes directly to ASCE programs.


  • Printed Foundation newsletter
  • Recognized as a member of the Sustainers Circle in the Annual Report
  • Opportunities for recognition in our Donor Spotlights
  • Invitations to special events

Thank you to our generous members of our Sustainers Circle who provide ongoing support to the Foundation.

For questions about joining the Sustainers Circle, contact Miranda Hosseini at (703) 295-6342.

  • *deceased

The Sustainers Circle

  • Kofi B. Acheampong
  • Kwame & Micaela Agyare
  • Tor J. Anderzen
  • Harvey M. Armstrong
  • Jong-Wha Bai
  • Lisa Black
  • Michael Bloom
  • Sandra D. Bolton
  • F. Jay Burress
  • William G. Buttlar
  • David H. Cole
  • Donn G. DeCoursey
  • Mark & Patricia Leeman
  • Liah Lewis
  • Julian J. B. Lineham
  • Nives McLarty
  • Kenneth R. Mika
  • Roger M. Millar, Jr.
  • Kenneth B. Morris
  • Lindsay A. O'Leary
  • Dennis F. Penepacker
  • Max L. Porter
  • Sarah K. Pulchine
  • John B. Rogers
  • Robert C. Schuster
  • Krystina Scott
  • J. Greg Soules
  • Kristina & Dave Swallow
  • Stafford E. Thornton
  • Tyler J. Troast
  • Rick Tyler *
  • Christine Williams
  • Sharon L. Wilson
  • Silky S. Wong
  • Mr. Mark W. Woodson & Mrs. Guadalupe Woodson