1852 Society

Recognizing a Lifetime of Giving

1852 Society

Members of the 1852 Society are individual donors whose extraordinary generosity to the ASCE Foundation totals $100,000 or more during their lifetimes. The 1852 Society is named after the year ASCE was established, paying homage to ASCE’s impressive history and tradition of achievements throughout its own lifetime. These philanthropic leaders recognize the importance of properly maintaining and advancing the profession for future generations of civil engineers. Gifts of cash, stock, and securities, and documented estate gifts count towards the $100,000 minimum.

If you want to demonstrate your philanthropic leadership within the civil engineering community by becoming a member of the 1852 Society, contact the ASCE Foundation at +1 (703) 295-6342 or at [email protected].


  • Special welcome packet, certificate of membership and unique lapel pin.
  • Recognized as a member in the Foundation’s Annual Report.
  • Invitations to special events.
  • Recognition at premier ASCE and civil engineering events.
  • Recognition at ASCE Headquarters.
  • Printed Foundation newsletter.
  • Tickets to the Annual OPAL Gala.
  • Invitation to ASCE Foundation donor events.

Members may also, at their discretion, request any of the courtesies that are extended to members of our other recognition societies

  • *deceased

1852 Society Members

  • Stephen D. Bechtel Jr. *
  • Jean-Louis & Janet Briaud
  • Marie F. Carter *
  • Joseph W. Fortey *
  • Ethan D. Grossman
  • Wahneta T. Hinrichs *
  • Charles W. Koch *
  • John F. Lenard
  • Josephine Moorman *
  • Joyce A. Padgett, Jr. Estate *
  • Annette* & Chuck Pennoni
  • James W. Poirot *
  • Richard and Mary Jo Stanley* - Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine
  • Robert P. Wadell
  • Yue-Chyou Yang *