Gifts from ASCE members enable the ASCE Foundation to support a full suite of ASCE educational programs. These programs support civil engineers working to inspire current and future civil engineers.

ASCE educational programs are designed to encourage civil engineers to play a central role in their community and to provide opportunities for hands-on experiences and exploration of engineering. The Foundation supports the ExCEEd teaching workshops, provides educational grants to four Student Members to attend ASCE’s Convention, and ASCE scholarships were provided from funds endowed by ASCE members through the Foundation.

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Future World Vision Initiative

In reimagining the world, civil engineers must adapt how they design, build, operate, and maintain our infrastructure systems. Using data-driven, in-depth, scenario-planning analysis, Future World Vision puts civil engineers in position to lead not just today, but five decades into the future.

Your support will help create new ways to visualize and plan for the future! 

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Briaud Students Fund

The Briaud Students Fund will provide the opportunity for students to attend official ASCE meetings and conference across the country. Through their engagement in these leadership and educational activities, the next generation of civil engineers will be able to better understand the field, learn new skills, engage with future peers and employers, and share their ideas and perspectives.

Invest in civil engineering students by donating to the Briaud Students Fund today!

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ExCEEd Teaching Workshops

Excellence in Civil Engineering Education (ExCEEd) Teaching Workshop is a six-day practicum that provides engineering educators with an opportunity to improve their teaching abilities. ASCE has successfully presented this workshop each summer for over twenty years. Faculty members across the country and around the world have benefited from this workshop. Your generous support helps fund this important program. In 2018, Foundation donors helped support 70 civil, architectural and construction engineering faculty and 36 mentors and assistant mentors.

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Vilas and Ingrid Mujumdar Risk and Resiliency Registration Assistance

Vilas Mujumdar, D.P.A., P.E., S.E., F.SEI, Dist.M.ASCE and his wife Ingrid Mujumdar, established Risk and Resiliency Registration Assistance funding for students with a generous gift to the Foundation. This is a competitive application program for students who are interested in risk and resiliency policy and its impact on communities. Registration Assistance will be provided for the International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure in 2021. 


The 2019 Vilas and Ingrid Mujumdar Risk and Resiliency Registration Assistance funding recipients have been selected by the ASCE Foundation Board. Congratulations to Bogdan Dykyy, EIT, S.M.ASCE, William Reichard, S.M.ASCE, and Mirela Tumbeva, S.M.ASCE for being selected to receive funding and attend the International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure. Thank you to all of the students who sent in application packages. 

Endowed Scholarships

With generous support from ASCE members and their families, endowed scholarships through the ASCE Foundation provide tuition assistance for ASCE Student Members. Congratulations to the recent recipients of these scholarships, publicized on the ASCE Society Scholarships page!

Students should check eligibility requirements and deadlines for each award.

Pre-College Outreach

ASCE has resources, games, activities, homework help, career guidance, and more for civil engineers, STEM teachers, students, parents and kids. Use our tools to get involved in your community and inspire the next generation of engineers. 

ASCE Pre-College Outreach is able to provide free or subsidized resources, materials and programs with your support to the Foundation’s Education Fund.

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