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The ASCE Foundation helps fund ASCE Leadership programs that support Students’, Younger Members’ and Members’ professional and personal development at every stage of their careers. 

Your generous contributions to the Foundation supported the Multi-Region Leadership Conferences, Section Centennial Celebrations, Younger Member Leadership Symposium and Diversity and Inclusion activities.

These events held across the country gather Society leaders at different stages of their careers – Students, Younger Members, and Section/Branch officers – to compare notes and develop leadership skills that will enhance both their careers and Society work. 

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Donations made to the Leadership Fund support all of these events and programs. Make your donation today, and help us engineering tomorrow!

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Student Activities Reimbursement Fund (StAR)

The Foundation’s StAR Fund was established to assist students with expenses to participate in official ASCE activities. 

The StAR Fund will provide the opportunity for students to engage with ASCE programs across the country. Through this engagement the next generation of civil engineers will be able to better understand the field, learn new skills, engage with future peers and employers, and share their ideas and perspectives.

Invest in civil engineering students by donating to the StAR Fund today!

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Multi-Region Leadership Conferences

The Multi-Region Leadership Conferences (MRLCs) are two-day conferences across the country that gather Society leaders at different stages of their careers – students, Younger Members, and Section/Branch officers – to develop new skills that will enhance both their careers and Society work. The conferences include the Workshop for Section and Branch Leaders (WSBL), regional Younger Member Council meetings, and the Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders.

During the MRLCs, the Foundation facilitates Student Focus Sessions on finance and fundraising. The Foundation shares fundraising skills and lessons learned to build confidence in students.

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ASCE Section Centennial Grants

The ASCE Foundation Board approved grants of $1,000 to each Section celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020. Section Centennial celebrations commemorate the history of the Section, sometimes through publication of a Centennial book. They also bring members together though conferences, workshops, dinner meetings and networking events.   

The ASCE Sections celebrating their Centennial in 2020 are:

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Younger Member Leadership Symposium

The Younger Member Leadership Symposium (YMLS) is a three-day experiential leadership workshop open to all ASCE Younger Members, aged 35 and under. The YMLS is hosted by the ASCE Committee on Younger Members and focuses on early-career professional skills development to help ASCE Younger Members succeed and lead in the workplace. Tours and special events during the weekend offer additional networking with peers from around the country.  

The Robert P. Wadell Endowment for Young Professional Leadership and Innovation supports the YMLS and other younger member programs and initiatives. 

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Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

The Foundation supported the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) activities including:

  • Delivering the “Disasters and Decision Making: A Matter of Ethics” workshop at the EWRI Congress in Minneapolis
  • Exhibiting and delivering a mentoring workshop at the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Annual Convention in Pittsburgh, where approximately 30 attendees completed membership applications and approximately 50 students attended the workshop.
  • Developing a “Canon 8: Ethical Guidelines for Diversity & Inclusion” session that was conducted at ASCE’s 2018 Convention

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