What We Fund

Thanks to generous support of ASCE Foundation donors, the Foundation is committed to providing funding to ASCE programs within the four strategic areas of: Student Activities, Leadership, Education and Engineering Programs.

Your gifts to the ASCE Foundation provide support building a stronger and more resilient civil engineering profession. Together we can engineer a brighter future!

Future World Vision Initiative

ASCE has launched a bold, comprehensive project to anticipate, reimagine, and prepare for future changes – FUTURE WORLD VISION.

In reimagining the world, civil engineers must adapt how they design, build, operate, and maintain our infrastructure systems. Using data-driven, in-depth, scenario-planning analysis, Future World Vision puts civil engineers in position to lead not just today, but five decades into the future.

Your support will help create new ways to visualize and plan for the future! 

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General Unrestricted Gifts

General unrestricted gifts to the Foundation support a variety of programs for civil engineers at all career stages. Your generous support makes the civil engineering community stronger and more resilient by supporting programs that provide personal and professional develop to civil engineers.  

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Student Activities Reimbursement Fund (StAR)

The Foundation’s StAR Fund was established to assist students with expenses to participate in official ASCE activities. 

The StAR Fund will provide the opportunity for students to attend official ASCE meetings and conferences across the country. Through their engagement in these leadership and educational activities, the next generation of civil engineers will be able to better understand the field, learn new skills, engage with future peers and employers, and share their ideas and perspectives.

Invest in civil engineering students by donating to the StAR Fund today!

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Education Activities Fund

Gifts from ASCE members enable the ASCE Foundation to support a full suite of ASCE educational programs. These programs support civil engineers working to inspire current and future civil engineers. Learn more about the ASCE Educational programs we support. 

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Leadership Activities Fund

Your gifts support leadership training programs for ASCE members at every career stage. With the help of Foundation-funded leadership programs, ASCE members will be empowered to pursue and achieve their goals and become leaders in their communities. Civil engineers will continue to be leaders in civil engineering and, through innovative problem-solving expand and safeguard public health and welfare. Learn more about the ASCE Leadership programs we support. 

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Engineering Programs Fund

Your gifts support advancing the profession through engineering programs to engage ASCE members and their communities. Through these efforts, ASCE members are able to advocate for change locally and globally, support young professionals, and reimagine the relationship of infrastructure and society. Learn more about the Engineering Programs we support, including our new Sustainable Infrastructure Initiatives Fund. 

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