Legacy Society

Legacy society

Our Legacy Society honors individuals who strengthen the next generation of civil engineers by providing future support to the ASCE Foundation through an estate gift.


How To Become A Member Of The Legacy Society

  1. Consult your attorney, and designate the ASCE Foundation as a beneficiary in your estate plans. Planned gift options include wills, trusts, retirement funds, or insurance plans.

  2. Notify us of your intent to give a planned gift by downloading and sending us the Declaration of Intent Form. Most information on the form is optional, and all will be kept confidential.

What Are The Benefits Of Legacy Society Membership?

You may choose to have your name listed on the roster of Legacy Society members, or you may choose to be an anonymous member. Other benefits include:

  • Certificate of Legacy Society membership
  • Recognized as a member of the Legacy Society in the Foundation’s Annual Report
  • Recognized as a member of the Legacy Society on the Donor Wall in ASCE HQ
  • Opportunities for recognition in our Donor Spotlights

For questions about joining the Legacy Society, contact the ASCE Foundation at +1 (703) 295-6342 or at [email protected].

  • *deceased

Legacy Society Members

  • Servando C. Aromin
  • G. Donald Brandt *
  • Robert Love Brickner *
  • Kathy J. Caldwell & Ronald A. Cook
  • Kenneth R. Cooper
  • Neil J. Cummins *
  • Curtis C. Deane *
  • Robert C. Esterbrooks *
  • Robert N. Evans *
  • Michael N. & Mary E. Goodkind
  • Phillip L. Gould
  • Luther W. Graef *
  • William P. Henry *
  • Wahneta T. Hinrichs *
  • Virendrairai J. Kharod
  • Winston E. Kile
  • Kenneth L. King
  • Charles W. Koch *
  • Byung-Soo Lee
  • John F. Lenard
  • Burton A. Lewis
  • Oscar T. Lyon Jr. *
  • Charles A. Machemehl Jr. *
  • Bonnie & Lawrence Magura
  • Catherine M. & Dennis R. Martenson
  • Josephine Moorman *
  • William R. Neuman
  • Joyce A. Padgett, Jr. Estate *
  • Rasik S. & Manorama R. Patel
  • Randall M. Perkinson
  • James W. Poirot *
  • Herman R. Rasch Estate *
  • G. Andrew Reti
  • Roberts Family Trust: Donald V. Roberts *
  • Cranston R. Rogers
  • John Seymour
  • Delbert M. Smith
  • Richard and Mary Jo Stanley* - Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine
  • Robert P. Stearns *
  • Ellen W. Stevens
  • Robert P. Wadell
  • Christine Williams
  • Silky S. Wong
  • George W. Zuurbier