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The ASCE Journals Program is a critical medium through which engineers share their expertise and research. Papers report the results of thought-provoking studies that contribute to the planning, analysis, design, construction, management, or maintenance of the built and natural environment—in support of ASCE’s mission to lead the civil engineering profession to sustainably advance and protect the health, safety and welfare of all.

Open Research

To ensure the ethical, equitable, and sustainable publication and dissemination of research, ASCE recognizes that open research publishing models, such as fully Open Access (OA) Journals—which provide free, immediate access to research in the digital environment—are an important pathway for scholarly communication.

Global Equity

Open access (OA) journals are sustained through article processing charges (APCs) paid by authors with access to funder grants. This model works for researchers who have access to funding, but many researchers in emerging economies around the world lack access to funds—limiting their choice of publication venues.

ASCE believes researchers should have the broadest choice of publication venues to best disseminate their work—including fully Open Access (OA) journals. Lack of access to funding should never limit author choice.

How You Can Help

The ASCE Open Research and Global Equity Fund, administered through the ASCE Foundation, was established to offset the barrier of article processing charges (APCs) through the administration of a waiver program.

The primary goal of the fund is to cultivate a diverse, inclusive, and engaged research community by reducing the financial barriers for researchers in emerging economies.‡

Donations to the ASCE Open Research and Global Equity Fund support researchers without funding by providing the option to choose open research through the waiver program. Research papers granted waivers will be published in the Society’s first fully open access journal ASCE OPEN: Multidisciplinary Journal of Civil Engineering.

ASCE OPEN aims to present an all-encompassing civil engineering perspective on the built and natural environment to advance practical solutions to global grand challenges—including resilient and sustainable infrastructure, alternative energy sources, clean water and water security, climate change mitigation and adaptation, cybersecurity, and beyond.

Show your organization’s leadership within the civil engineering profession and give generously to the ASCE Open Research and Global Equity Fund. Your contribution, combined with those of other industry leaders, will create robust financial support to address open research and global equity.

We invite you to empower civil engineering research in a way that is just, equitable, and inclusive for all. Thank you.

100% of your gifts benefit Open Research and Global Equity - free of any administrative burden!

Download the Sponsorship Form

You can also give by sending a check (made payable to ASCE) to:

ASCE Open Research and Global Equity Fund
c/o ASCE Foundation
1801 Alexander Bell Drive
Reston, Virginia 20191

Questions about making a gift? Contact Katrina Dunn.

  • I understand that for every $2,000 donated, my organization supports the publication of an original research paper submitted to and accepted for publication in ASCE OPEN, as selected by ASCE Publications’ leadership. A donation of $10,000 supports publication of five original research papers.
  • My organization will be recognized in a list of contributors to the Fund on the ASCE Library website, at conferences, and through social media.
  • My organization will be able to include a badge on our internal and external communications to publicly display our commitment to ASCE and the global civil engineering research community.

‡World Bank classifications based on low-income, lower-middle, and upper-middle income countries with exclusions.


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