Ethan Grossman, P.E., M.ASCE

As a principal at Ethan Grossman Engineering, which specializes in construction, land development and property management in Washington, D.C., Ethan Grossman, has witnessed decades of industrywide change and still loves his work.

"How many people can say they really love what they do?" he asks.

A longtime member of ASCE, he began attending ASCE conventions about 15 to 20 years ago. Immediately, he found inspiration. "The conventions—everything about ASCE—are valuable and open my mind to new ideas," he says.

In the last decade, Ethan also has revised his charitable giving strategy for a more soul-satisfying approach. "I've decided I'm better off giving more to what I can relate to—to causes I know and believe in," he says.

Knowing his gift makes an impact at ASCE, Ethan donates to the ASCE Foundation and is a member of the Foundation's Pacesetters Circle, which honors donors who have given annually for five or more consecutive years.

Ethan designated his generous gift to the Foundation's restricted Sustainable Infrastructure Initiatives Fund, specifically in support of ASCE's Infrastructure Report Card program.

Ethan's giving strategy allowed him to substantially increase his gift through his donor-advised fund and he encourages others to consider the same, especially during a time when philanthropy is so important. "Donor-advised funds provide flexibility to give a gift at any time, which helps regulate your giving through up-and-down years. This benefits nonprofits, who do better with steady income they know about, so they can plan for the future with confidence," he says.

Your donor-advised fund gift to the ASCE Foundation helps develop resources to build a stronger profession to meet the global challenges today and tomorrow.

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  • Tax ID #13-1635293
  • Mailing address: American Society of Civil Engineers Foundation, 1801 Alexander Bell Drive, Reston, VA, 20191

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