Legacy Society

  • Legacy Society IconOur Legacy Society honors individuals who strengthen the next generation of civil engineers by providing future support to the ASCE Foundation through a planned gift.

    How to become a member of the Legacy Society

    Step 1. Consult your attorney, and designate the ASCE Foundation as a beneficiary in your estate plans. Planned gift options include wills, trusts, retirement funds, or insurance plans.

    Step 2. Notify us of your intent to give a planned gift by downloading and sending us the Declaration of Intent Form. Most information on the form is optional, and all will be kept confidential.

    What are the Benefits of Legacy Society Membership?

    You may choose to have your name listed in the roster of Legacy Society members, or you may choose to be an anonymous member. Other benefits include:

    • Certificate of Legacy Society membership and donor lapel pin
    • Recognized as a member in the President's Honor Roll in ASCE's Civil Engineering Magazine and the Foundation’s Annual Report
    • Opportunities for recognition in our Donor Spotlights
    • Complimentary My Will Planning booklet

    Understanding Legacy Giving

    If you're not sure where to begin, check out our Begin Your Giving Journey tool on our estate planning page to find the best way for you to support the ASCE Foundation. Be sure to click around on the site for free tools and articles.

    For questions about joining the Legacy Society, contact the ASCE Foundation at 703-295-6342 or at [email protected]

    Legacy Society Members

    James M. Anderson
    Ellis L. Armstrong* 
    Servando C. Aromin
    Susan and Eugene Balter 
    G. Donald Brandt 
    Robert Love Brickner 
    Kathy J. Caldwell & Ronald A. Cook 
    Marie F. Carter* 
    Hamilton Y. Chin 
    Kenneth R. Cooper 
    Neil J. Cummins* 
    Curtis C. Deane*     
    Michael M. Dembo* 
    Robert C. Esterbrooks* 
    Robert N. Evans 
    William E. Franswick 
    Michael N. & Mary E. Goodkind 
    Phillip L. Gould 
    Luther W. Graef 
    Travis D. Harris
    William P. Henry 
    Wahneta T. Hinrichs* 
    Virendrairai J. Kharod
    Winston E. Kile 
    Kenneth L. King 
    Charles W. Koch* 
    Ronald A. Koetters 
    Mahadeb & Usha Kundu 
    Byung-Soo Lee 
    John F. Lenard 
    Burton A. Lewis 
    Oscar T. Lyon, Jr.* 
    Charles S. Machemehl, Jr. 
    Thomas S. Maddock
    Lawrence M. Magura 
    Catherine M. & Dennis R. Martenson 
    Jeffrey J. Moore 
    Josephine Moorman* 
    William R. Neuman
    Arthur T. O’Connor
    Rasik S. & Manorama R. Patel
    Randall M. Perkinson 
    James W. Poirot* 
    Herman R. Rasch* 
    G. Andrew Reti 
    Cranston R. Rogers 
    Frank D. Sears* 
    Saul S. Seltzer 
    John M. Seymour 
    Winslow T. Shearman
    Delbert M. Smith
    Robert P. Stearns 
    Johnny S. Tan 
    Christine Williams
    Silky Wong 
    Veerainder A. Yeldandi 
    George W. Zuurbier

    *Deceased Members

  • Cranston Rogers Headshot

    “I strongly believe in the profession of civil engineering; it is the glue that holds our communities and societies together. Civil engineers build better living conditions, design stronger facilities, and I believe in supporting future engineers through gifts to ASCE."

    -Cranston R. “Chan” Rogers, P.E., Dist. M. ASCE

    Chan is an Legacy Society Member.

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